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Jesus's Birth

As I sit here preparing to write a post, my heart is heavy as I can’t seem to get the families that lost children and loved ones in Connecticut this past Friday out of my mind. Recipes seem so trivial in light of the sadness of what has happened. And, how can I celebrate Christmas in light of the grief I am feeling? Tragedy has a way of getting rid of the superficial and leaving only what matters. But, it is precisely these emotions that cut through all our thoughts of snowmen, jingle bells, and presents and cause us to focus on the real meaning behind Christmas – Jesus. He is the only one who can bring meaning to our lives and get us through such a devastating event. That’s why He came – to save us from all that is evil in the world and in ourselves. So I’m wondering if the sadness I’m feeling right now in the aftermath of this horrific shooting, may actually help me to be in the right place to truly celebrate Christmas. Please join me in praying for the families involved in the shooting in Connecticut this week. May God give comfort to those who are hurting and joy through celebrating Jesus’s birth and the reason why He came, which this week, is a little more clear.

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